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Hello and welcome back!

It’s good to see you and I have been praying for you since your last visit to the blog.

Yes, it’s true.  I pray for all of my readers each day.  I pray for your health and economic condition in these troubled days.  I pray for your loved ones, both saved and unsaved.

For the saved, I pray for God’s leading on their lives to be fulfilled.

For the unsaved, I pray for the Holy Spirit to lead them to the words of the gospel.  l pray for them to believe and find a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Today, I was just sittin’ out on my front porch – watching the changing leaves rub dryly against one another in a gentle breeze.  As I was watching (and listening) to the melodic sounds of fall coming down, I noticed this large dog.   I didn’t recognize it as belonging around here but I watched it come up over the rise across the street.

He stopped on the sidewalk for a moment and then crossed the street on a diagonal to my front porch just to the right of where I was sitting.  A small dog, a little male, that belongs to a neighbor was secured to a small tree outside of his residence.  He noticed the larger dog as it came closer to him.

What happened next was the catalyst for this article you are now reading.

That little dog began to make sounds I had no idea that he was capable of.  He began leap and lunge toward the monster dog, who was no more than 6 feet in front of him as if to say, “Come one step closer and it will be your last!”

Well, that big ol’ dog backed up one step, two steps – then turned and ran, making such a sissy sound that I could not help but laugh out loud.

I sat there, taking another sip from my cup of coffee, and sighed.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding…” 

Sometimes, size doesn’t seem to matter.  That large dog had a perception in his head that things were about to go bad for him in a hurry if he didn’t retreat as fast as doggily possible.  Which he did.  The small dog had a perception that, regardless of the big dog’s size status, he could take him and do very bad things to him in the process.

In reality, both dogs were very, very wrong.  The objective truth is the monster-sized dog could have eaten the little one and still have required more food.

In reality, the small dog – regardless of his confidence in his belief that he could defeat that large dog — was misplaced.

Problem:  Neither one of the dogs had a clue of that fact.

Outcome:  The large monster dog was unnecessarily defeated and the small dog won a battle that he didn’t deserve based on the objective facts.

Application:  Do not always believe in what you see. Rely on God.

Let’s take a look at this scenario from a Christian worldview.  Christians have received the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (power from on high) at the time of their salvation.

The great significance of this scenario can be seen in 1 John4:4, “You are from God, little children, and you have conquered them, because the One who is in you is greater than the one who is from the world, and the world listens to them.”

Remember that large but cowardly dog?  The one that ran from the little one?  Let the large monster dog represent the Christian – filled to the brim with the Holy Spirit.  Allow the small dog to represent this evil, secular world.

Is my analogy becoming quite clear?

IF we are following Jesus and obeying His commands, the Holy Spirit is active within us and God’s power will protect us from any true harm from the evil one, if we trust and obey.  We obey even if we have to face death head on – we will be victorious by the blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

If we truly believe, trust, and obey Jesus, then we stand on the Biblical promise of 2 Cor. 5:8, “We are confident, I say, and prefer to be absent from the body and at home with the Lord.”

Takaway:  Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways and He will guide you on the right paths.

Thank you for stopping by.  I will be praying for you!

Until next time,


QUESTION:  When have you relied on the Holy Spirit and seen the hand of God in your life prevail?