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Hello and welcome back!

Reflecting back over years gone by with the practiced eye of knowledge after-the-fact and looking ahead towards the unknown sea of events yet to happen – I wonder.

The old year is growing dim with age.

The New Year looms ever closer, brightly illuminating the open end of your tunnel of yesterday with the bright promise of yet another chance. A chance for you to accomplish that which seems to have slipped away from you like smoke into the clouds of the past year.


What is time, if not an illusion?  A mysterious wisp of vapor that marks your existence and separates your life into increments.


Is what you see, hear and touch the substance of what is or but a shadow or visage of a reality that is yet to come?  When you touch an object, is it really there or does it have its reality in an eternity beyond and what you touch is just illusion?


Do your thoughts originate within your mind of substance as something original and concrete of your own creation and unique to you?  Or could they be echoes from some vast eternity without end confirming that there is nothing new under your sun?


Is knowledge the culmination of all that has happened since the beginning of time and stored within the fleshly computer that processes your existence or is knowledge beyond you and apart from you – emanating from a source existing before your creation?

Is knowledge accumulated over time by finite beings or is it granted to you by some great, uncaused, infinite cause of all things that has always been and shall always be?

The answer.

Can there be an answer without there first being a question?

Would an answer ever be sought without the question that begs it?  Which came first, the answer or the question?

Mankind is full of questions.  You are continuously seeking the answers to these questions.


Good question.

If mankind is the source of total knowledge, why do you question?  To question implies a lack of knowledge.  Answers that truly answer the question implies knowledge granted.

This being said, what is enlightenment?


Does enlightenment come from within the person receiving it?  Do you produce the answer from a source of knowledge existing within self or do you receive the answer from a source of knowledge from without?

Does the questioner receive the answer (enlightenment) from self or an external source of knowledge?

If the answer lies within you why should you need to question?  If the answer already exists within the finite, why the need of a question?

Does knowledge stem from you, the individual, or did the knowledge exist before you came into physical being?

These are all questions that have answers.  Mankind, in his arrogance, tries to answer his own questions.  If he has to question, doesn’t this mean he doesn’t have the answers?

The answers are to be found within the Bible, God’s holy word.

God is omniscient (all-knowing).  He is the source of all knowledge.

Begin your New Year off right.

Discover the answers to your questions.

Read the Bible.

Until next time,


QUESTION:  What questions are you trying to find answers to?