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How To End Christianity!

February 3, 2013

Is it just me, or do people seem to go crazy around Super Bowl time!  Maybe it is just me, but I was just on my iPad mini and all I see on the social media sites is Super Bowl this n’ Super bowl that.  Don’t get me wrong, I am interested in the Super Bowl.  What red-blooded American isn’t!  However, let’s get real here!

I remember going to those old revival meetings that didn’t have time limits on them.  People came and went but the revivalist keep at it.  The old camp meetings, anyone remember how they used to be.  The smell of campfire cooking, the music, the shouts of Hallelujah ringing in the air, people coming to Jesus by the droves—bring it back, Lord, bring it back.


Wouldn’t it be grand if we could rally ‘round a 21st century national revival with even half the gusto we expend once a year for the Super Bowl?  What do you think that would look like?  Christians, all over the country, gathering to worship the Lord, hear the gospel together and praising God when the friends and loved ones they brought with them humbly accepted Jesus Christ and became new disciples in God’s army!

Churches being filled with new disciples, volunteers, and faithful witnessing!

All over the USA, families gathering ‘round the wide screen, watching with neighbors and loved ones, listening, talking about Jesus, and breaking out in excited praises when one of the unsaved among them asked how they, too, could receive Christ!

Well, guess what?  There has not been a national revival in the West since the middle of the 19th century.   Christianity appears to be sinking in the western horizon and sinking in Western society at an ever increasing pace.

It appears that, unlike the 1st century church that turned the entire world upside down for Jesus, the 21st century church is being turned upside down by the world!  Why is that?  Can it all be blamed upon the paganism (humanism) that runs rampant in society?  That is certainly a contributing factor.

But what was it about 1st century Christianity that differs from 21st century Christianity?  Paganism and persecution was all around them!  What seems to be the deal breaker today when it comes to revival?

“Some will get their hackles up and say, ‘Such a simplistic message!  What Christian doesn’t already know this!'” 

The 1st century church abundantly used two spiritual weapons that are still available to us today but are underused—prayer and the message of the Good News of the kingdom.  Let’s take a look at each of these spiritual weapons:

  • Prayer – You see, Jesus provided His church with a miraculous tool when He ripped the veil.  For the first time since the fall, through Him, mankind had access to the Father.  The 1st century church utilized this.  When Peter was locked up in Acts 12, the church prayed unceasingly.


  • The Gospel – The Gospel, powered by God’s Spirit within each born again Christian, broke through strongholds of Satan and presented the liberating message of Christ.  Where is that Gospel today?  How many churches today have effective outreach programs compared to the ones who do not?  How can the Gospel be heard by a dying world if it is not proclaimed, without compromise?

Where are you today in your prayer life?

Where is your church in community prayer?

Where are you today in following the command of your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to go and make disciples?

 Where is your church in its outreach program?

The Bible says that prayer is the foundation that the Gospel should be preached from.  Let’s join together in spreading this message, this simple message that we all know but have laid aside.

Let’s proclaim the Gospel to the lost and pray for Holy Spirit conviction that can soften the hardened hearts of our 21st century culture.  In other words, let’s decide, once again, to follow Jesus.

We all know Christians the rest of us do not.  We can do what that 1st century church did.  Christians passed the word by mouth to other Christians to gather and pray.  Christians reminded one another to tell others about Jesus.

Some will get their hackles up and say, “Such a simplistic message!  What Christian doesn’t already know this!”  I’m not saying Christians don’t know this.  I’m saying many of them need reminding of this.

Please send this to other Christians you know.  This is a simple message to remind.  It’s nothing ground breaking.  It is getting back to basics.

Let’s do it. 

Let’s follow Jesus!

Pray with me for obedience in the body of Christ.

Until next time…



Question:  Why are 21st century Christians reluctant to witness to the lost?   





Welcome to Zach

January 25, 2013

I was contemplating today what would be good content for the first official post.  Many ideas came to mind, especially concerning the various topics that I, as a pastor, feel important.  As I sat, praying, it came to me that you, the reader, would like to know something about me, the person, as opposed to the rhetoric found in interviews, media blurbs, etc.  I am not talking about the stuffy About Me page that lists lots of info about education or positions I have held and hold presently.  No, I’m talking about who I am, the entity sitting here sipping coffee and talking to you.  So…here goes.

I was borned a coal miner’s daughter.  Strike that.  I was born in Carlsbad, New Mexico waaaay back (you know, what they call, “back in the day” today) in 1946.  Growing up in the early and late fifties was quite wonderful, actually.  Public school was still considered “the place” for the kids to receive their unbelievingly advanced and superior to the rest of the world’s education.  People actually felt safe in the area of the country I was in to leave the front door unlocked for a family member who would be arriving home late.

I remember ice cream socials.  Sitting on the porch, listening to our elders talking about the old days and they actually made it sound exciting.  That isn’t the case today.  Kids look with pity at me sometimes, the old man, struggling with my iPad mini while trying to text with one finger.  I know they are secretly giggling as I watch their thumbs flying so fast that they are only a blur.  That’s ok.  I remember doing the same as my dad would ask me to adjust the rabbit ears on our TV set.  I always got this power trip when the program came in loud and strong, even though there was no way anyone could get all of the snow out.  I suppose nothing ever changes in that area.

I’m not saying that I had a Leave it to Beaver lifestyle.  What I am saying is that if today’s children could look back through time to my childhood, they might say that I had lived a Cleaver life. Even adults could not see the XXX or X rated material and media that children now watch.   Did I respect my parents?  I think I did.  The reason that I say think is because I did break their rules when I was growing up.  A lot.  Then, again, I imagine everyone did—except for Alfred Dour (name has been changed to protect the guilty).

“Seriously, something is very wrong in our society today.”

Alfred had this way about him, a methodology if you will, of never allowing anything that you did that your parents would not like go unnoticed.  I went hungry many a day because I paid for insurance Just to keep ‘ol Fred quiet.  However, there were times when I just didn’t have the money.  That first time was when I knew for certain that ‘ol Fred wasn’t bluffing.  I’m sure that if you are willing you can remember an ‘ol Fred  in your life also.

Bob Dylan’s “The times they are a-changin” is certainly correct when it comes to today, is it not?   I hate to sound like the old fogey, next door neighbor that lived beside me when I was 11.

“Boy, you get outta my yard with that dog of yurs afore I take this limb to ya,” old man Weatherby would shout every time me and Snowball would get close to his prize begonias.  “You kids today don’t have respect for anyone but yourselves!”

Sigh—those were the days.

Seriously, something is very wrong in our society today.  I don’t think anyone would completely disagree with me on that.  Many posit their thoughts on it.  Some disagree.  Some hold that things are taking their natural course as man reaches the heights of his abilities.  Others, like me, are concerned that if these are the heights that mans’ abilities have reached, we are back to square one.

If you are waiting for me to provide all of the answers to these issues, I am sorry to disappoint you.  I am just venting, like all of the generations before me, as to what a big mess the world is in.  If you are a Christian, you and your family are not following the world: you are following Jesus.  If you are not a Christian and would like to discover who He is, you have come to the right place.  Join with us as we gather together in,  ALL THINGS CHRISTIAN!

This site is just beginning.  I invite you to become a part of it.  I welcome you in the name of Jesus Christ.

Until  next time,



“It’s not about us, it’s all about Jesus!”