What Made Easter Sad

April 1, 2013

Hello and welcome back!

Here’s hoping that you had a wonderful Easter Sunday weekend!

I pray that you found a gem to take home with you from the Easter sermon your pastor delivered.

After Easter services, Rhonda and I drove to another town close by to visit one of my congregation members in the hospital.  As we were driving by small parks in that town, we noticed all of the people who were celebrating Easter Sunday in the park.  We could smell the scent of burgers and hotdogs sizzling on the grill, hear the children running, shouting, and playing games, hunting Easter eggs, and watch happy faces having fun.

“Throughout those conversations, I never once heard the name Jesus mentioned during the whole meal.”

I couldn’t help but wonder how many of these families had been to church for Easter and then went to these parks to celebrate family and how many bypassed an Easter service entirely.  There was no way of knowing but many of the most favored spots can indicate early arrivals.  People usually need to arrive early in the morning to obtain places like those.

The person we went to see had already left the hospital earlier that morning so we stopped at a Golden Corral restaurant and had our Easter meal.  The place was so full and people seemed to be enjoying themselves.  It was packed.  It was elbow to elbow in there.  The smells of so many different and wondrous edible delights combined with the laughter all around us as we slowly made our way around to all of the food stations.

We made our way back through the happy throng to the table we had been assigned and began to say blessing over our food.   As we began to enjoy our meal, I also began to listen to the happy chatter around us.  Many conversations were happening at once.  I could make out the voices of elderly couples having lunch with their families, middle age parents with their children’s laughter, young adults trying to get their young ones to eat, etc.

 It was a normal holiday lunch meal taking place in that Golden Corral.  It was probably similar to many other holiday meals in thousands of restaurants around the world that day.  It was probably similar to the 100,000’s of meals being enjoyed by families in homes around the globe.

I suddenly felt very sad.

You are probably wondering how I could feel sad sitting in such a jovial and expressive environment with my loving wife as we enjoyed such a lovely meal.  Yes, the atmosphere was jovial.  And yes, the food was delicious.  What struck me as so sad is this:

1. Throughout those conversations, I never once heard the name Jesus mentioned during the whole meal.

2. What I heard was me, myself, and I conversations of accomplishments taking place, conversations about things that were owned, one-upmanship revolving around careers, etc.

3. In almost every conversation, I heard words that would have had television shows banned in a past generation. 

I may sound intolerant to many.

Perhaps I sound old-fashioned to others.

For some, perhaps I just sound old and prejudiced.

To me, it just made me feel…sad.

I left Golden Corral feeling a deep concern, not for myself, but for everyone involved in those conversations and everyone listening with joviality to them.  Is it just me?

Until next time…